The performance of 米6米乐体育 precision machining is very important. It has a huge relationship with corporate interests and personal safety. While bringing economic benefits to the enterprise, it can also effectively reduce the occurrence of safety accidents. Therefore, it is inevitable to encounter the problem of deformation of parts in the process of precision hardware processing.

Operators need to consider various factors and take corresponding effective preventive measures to prevent product deformation during the precision machining process, so that the finished parts can be consistent with the drawing requirements and can be used normally. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to analyze the machinery The reason for the deformation phenomenon in parts processing. When a precision metal processing plant produces products, small mistakes by operators often lead to product deformation, which affects the production efficiency of the enterprise. So how to reduce the processing deformation of mechanical parts? let’s see.

Heat treatment processing: For parts processing, due to many reasons, the product is prone to bend after the product is heat treated. On the one hand, there will be a phenomenon of bulging in the middle, and the plane deviation will increase. This is the result of improper operation by the operator, but such a situation rarely occurs in our company; on the other hand, due to the influence of various external factors, the clamping Bending phenomenon occurs. These deformation problems are not only caused by changes in the internal stress after heat treatment, but also because the operator’s professional knowledge is not solid, and the structural stability of the product is not well understood, which increases the probability of part deformation. It is also very important to read the drawings accurately and carefully, and process mechanical parts according to the drawings.

The clamping is too tight: When the product is processed with precision hardware, it is often necessary to use auxiliary tools for clamping. In order to avoid vibration during product processing, this method is adopted, but there are also some situations similar to heat treatment. At this time, adjust the clamping force with the position of the clamping point, and maximize the contact area between the clamp and the workpiece. This way of treatment will be much better, which can reduce the problem of deformation of precision metal processing.

Tool cutting: Due to the insufficient rigidity of the product or tool, it is affected by the cutting force, which results in the deformation of the upper thickness and the lower thickness of the product. The size of the frictional resistance of the workpiece.