The acceptance of the 米6米乐体育 machining center directly affects the manufacturer’s equipment. The general factory acceptance standard is to directly perform the workpiece processing test. In fact, after the workpiece processing test, it can basically be determined that the key parts of the machining center meet the standards. There is no problem under normal use. But there are some more detailed things, we should also pay attention to when accepting, it is best that the manufacturer can have its own set of acceptance procedures or standards, which can more ensure the quality of the processing center and subsequent use.

(1) 米6米乐体育 machine tool performance and 米6米乐体育 function inspection

It is mainly to check whether the moving parts and auxiliary devices of the 米6米乐体育 machining center have abnormal phenomena and noise during starting, stopping and running, and whether the lubrication system, cooling system, and fans are working properly.

Machine tool performance testing:

Spindle performance check

1. Choose low, medium and high three speeds. The main shaft performs 5 consecutive forward and reverse rotation starts, and then stops the operation to verify the flexibility and reliability of its actions. At the same time, check whether the power display on the load meter meets the requirements.

2. Manual data input can be used to gradually increase the spindle speed from low speed to the maximum allowable speed. Check whether the speed is normal, and the general allowable error cannot exceed ±10%. While checking the spindle speed. Observe whether the noise, vibration and temperature rise of the spindle are normal. The temperature rise of the spindle is 15″C after running at high speed for 2 hours.

3. In order to check the flexibility and reliability of the spindle movement, the spindle can be stopped exactly and operated more than 5 times continuously

Inspection of feed axis

1. Manually perform low, medium and high-speed feed and rapid movement of each feed axis, check whether the movement ratio is correct, whether it moves smoothly and smoothly, and whether there is noise

2. Manual data input mode (MDI) operation Through the GOO and GOl command functions, check whether the rapid traverse and feed speed are normal.

Inspection of tool changer

Carry out the tool exchange action step by step in manual mode. Check whether the actions such as grasping, loading, and drawing are accurate and proper. In the adjustment, the proofreading inspection method is used for testing. When there is an error. The stroke of the manipulator can be adjusted, the support of the manipulator can be moved, or the position of the tool magazine can be changed.

Mechanical zero check

1. Reliability inspection of the hardware and software limits of the vertical machining center. The soft limit is generally determined by the system parameters, and the reliability of the soft limit can be completed by checking the system parameters; the hard limit is determined by the travel switch set at the limit position of each feed axis, and the reliability of the hard limit is determined by the reliability of the travel switch Decide.

2. The reliability and accuracy of returning to the mechanical zero point are checked by returning to the origin method to check the zero return performance of each feed axis.